been gone a while, so nice to be back!

Multi-family yard sale!
balancing act
Saturday, July 30th, 10am.

79 Ahl Ave, Albany (Colonie)
on the corner of Ahl and Sandcreek

SCA yard sale
I will be doing my SCA yard sale again this year at North Region War Camp.
Stuff I just don't wear anymore, stuff that I've shunk out of, some feast gear, fabric, findings, etc.

I also should have some stuff from Kristina and Mark.

Anyone out there an SCA herald that I can bounce some badge ideas off of?

Bangbang chicken and shrimp
curry sauce
2 teaspoons chili oil
1/4 minced onions
2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons minced peeled fresh ginger
1 cup chicken broth
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon ground mace
1/4 teaspoon ground tumeric
3 cups coconut milk

start this sauce first! Heat the chili oil in a large skillet. Saute the onions, garlic, and ginger. Add chicken broth and all the spices. Simmer for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add coconut milk and bring to a quick boil. Then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes (or until sauce thickens)

start the rice cooking while the curry sauce thickens. 1 and 1/3 cup rice in 2 and 2/3 cups water should yield 4 cups total cooked rice.

2 medium carrots, julienned
1 small zucchini, julienned
1/2 cup frozen peas

microwave the veggies until thawed and slightly soft. these will be added to the curry sauce once it is done thickening. this can be done at any point during the 20 minutes the curry sauce is thickening.

chicken and shrimp
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
16 large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/4 cup corn starch
1/2 cup vegetable oil

cut the chicken up in bite sized pieces. heat the oil in a large wok. place chicken, shrimp, and cornstarch in a container with lid or large plastic bag and shake to coat. drop meat into hot oil and cook until done (white chicken, pink shrimp!) remove from pan and place on paper towels to drain
I'd recommend doing this BEFORE starting the peanut sauce, since the peanut sauce cooks quickly and burns easily.

peanut sauce
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
4 teaspoons sugar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1/2 teaspoon chili oil

combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer while stirring constantly. remove from heat as soon as all ingredients are well combined.

recommended "presentation"
divide rice onto 4 plates (in rounded balls)
spoon chicken and shrimp around the ball of rice
spoon warm curry/veggie sauce on the meat, not the rice
drizzle the peanut sauce across the dish, mostly on the rice

crumbled parsley flakes, chopped peanuts, and julienned green onions on the rice
toasted coconut on the meat/curry sauce

supposedly serves 4, but would be LARGE servings
as presented, a serving is 1300 calories! if you use the same amount to serve 6 people, it is probably more than enough food and comes down to about 865 calories per serving.
other ways to bring down the calorie count: skip the peanuts as garnish, skip the coconut as garnish, make this an all shrimp dish (shrimp are 30 calories an ounce and chicken breast is 47 calories an ounce), grill the meat instead of pan frying it...

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You were born during a Waning Crescent moon

This phase occurs right before the new moon.

- what it says about you -

You appreciate closure. It bothers you when people promise to do something and then don't follow through. You want to able to right the wrongs of the past. Studying history motivates you to improve the world. You put a lot of hope in the future and look forward to seeing technology and progress improve our lives.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

Alphabet meme
Meme sheep!

A - Age: 36

B - Bed size: King.

C - Chore you hate: litter boxes.

D - Don’t eat: Easy one for me! Gluten!

E - Essential start-your-day item: don't really have one.

F - Favorite board game: Settlers of Catan.

G - Gold or Silver: I prefer gold.

H - Height: 5' 8".

I - Instruments you play: Tambourine. A little dumbek. Does kazoo count?

J - Job title: Charge nurse.

K - Kid(s): Nope. Never will.

L - Love or lust: Yes.

M - Mom’s name: Sandy.

N - Nicknames: Sunny, Sorcha, Little Red.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: My belly surgery last year.

P - Pants or pantyhose: Pants. If I am wearing stocking these days, I usually opt for a garter belt.

Q - Favourite Movie Quote: "Don't kill him! If you kill him, he won't learn nothing!"

R - Right or left handed: Right.

S - Siblings: One older brother.

T - Time you wake up: 6 am on days I have to work.

U - Underwear: yeah, what about it? I wear bikinis or hipsters. No thongs, ever.

V - Vegetable favourite: Asparagus!

W - Ways you run late: bad weather, shuttle bus is full, too many snoozes.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Dental, neck, shoulders.

Y - Yummy food you make: lasagna, sugar and spice muffins.

Z - Zoo favourite: Sea lions.

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Symptoms of Parathyroid Disease
Loss of energy. Don't feel like doing much. Tired all the time. Chronic fatigue.
Just don't feel well; don't quite feel normal. Hard to explain but just feel kind of bad.
Feel old. Don't have the interest in things that you used to.
Can't concentrate, or can't keep your concentration like in the past.
Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.
Bones hurt; typically it's bones in the legs and arms but can be most bones.
Don't sleep like you used to. Wake up in middle of night. Trouble getting to sleep.
Tired during the day and frequently feel like you want a nap.
Spouse claims you are more irritable and harder to get along with (cranky, bitchy).
Forget simple things that you used to remember very easily (worsening memory).
Gastric acid reflux; heartburn; GERD.
Decrease in sex drive.
Thinning hair (predominately in middle aged females on the front part of the scalp).
Kidney Stones.
High Blood Pressure (sometimes mild, sometimes quite severe; up and down a lot).
Recurrent Headaches (usually patients under the age of 40).
Heart Palpitations (arrhythmias). Typically atrial arrhythmias.

doubtful, but crossposted for my own reference. secondary hyperparathyroidism can be related to Vit D deficiency.

New Years Resolutions
This will get modified and added to over the next few days.

1. Get back to exercising.
2. Stop buying candy bars from the vending machine at work.
3. continue operation "declutter"... there is a lot of stuff in my house that doesn't need to be here.
4. keep the house cleaner.
5. I will make sure that my doomsday device is up to code and properly grounded.

Last year: the resolutions
1. Stop talking about celiac shit so much. I know it drives people crazy.
2. Excerise more! Specifically, get BACK to fencing and other "social" exercise.
3. Spend more time with my family. They're local, damn it. I don't have a decent excuse.
4. I will not build a sentient computer smarter than I am. It's never a good idea.
5. Dejunk, declutter.
6. Make sure the litter boxes are done daily. The fur-people deserve better conditions and maybe it will make them stop pooping on the basement floor.

well... I've tried to do #1. But it gets discussed at every gathering that involves food. I will keep trying, but I recognize that total success is impossible.
2. I did ok with this in spurts. More rock climbing, going jogging with Zach. This one also needs to continue into the next year. I MUST get back in shape. Exercise tends to make me feel better.
3. I suck. I never spend time with my family. And as I discovered this Xmas, my brothers kids are cool. Some plans have been made to do things like snow-tubing with them later this winter. But I still suck.
5. Moderately successful. Partly due to having gotten Netflix, I've minimally gotten rid of some of the overflowing DVD cabinet mess.
6. More of I suck. I haven't kept this resolution at all.

Next years resolutions coming up soon.

yeah, nevermind
Not gonna bother with the meme I started. I can't come up with proper quantity of answers.


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