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Anyone out there an SCA herald that I can bounce some badge ideas off of?

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Try these two, if the link doesn't work they are on my user info page under friends:


the first is Mistress Alys McIntosh (sp)she does a lot of name research, but can also do arms. The second is Master Ryan McWhyte, he did my stuff for my arms for me.

Right now both my name and my arms are at Laurel level and should be done with discussion on Saturday, and I will know if they passed by May 31. :)

But both are very good. If you don't get responses in a timely manner (like max five days) let me know and I will see who else is on the list. I just knew these two off the top of my head. But crown is in a week, so they might be crazy busy and will need a little time to work on the actual consult.

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I've done consulting heraldry in the past. What's on your mind?


working on a simplified Badge to mark personal property, etc. Part of the submission rules are "talk to a herald, write their name here on the form" so in addition to needing to bounce ideas of someone, I would need to put their name on the form.

my registered heraldry is (and my blazoning sucks...) per bend sinister engrailed argent and vert, a phoenix gules and a natural dolphin naiant or
(Red Phoenix in the upper left silver/white field, Golden Dolphin in the lower right green field)

The concept I wanted for the badge was a Red Flame with a Gold Dolphin on the flame. Barring conflict, that SHOULD pass as a badge.

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