been gone a while, so nice to be back!

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Last year: the resolutions
1. Stop talking about celiac shit so much. I know it drives people crazy.
2. Excerise more! Specifically, get BACK to fencing and other "social" exercise.
3. Spend more time with my family. They're local, damn it. I don't have a decent excuse.
4. I will not build a sentient computer smarter than I am. It's never a good idea.
5. Dejunk, declutter.
6. Make sure the litter boxes are done daily. The fur-people deserve better conditions and maybe it will make them stop pooping on the basement floor.

well... I've tried to do #1. But it gets discussed at every gathering that involves food. I will keep trying, but I recognize that total success is impossible.
2. I did ok with this in spurts. More rock climbing, going jogging with Zach. This one also needs to continue into the next year. I MUST get back in shape. Exercise tends to make me feel better.
3. I suck. I never spend time with my family. And as I discovered this Xmas, my brothers kids are cool. Some plans have been made to do things like snow-tubing with them later this winter. But I still suck.
5. Moderately successful. Partly due to having gotten Netflix, I've minimally gotten rid of some of the overflowing DVD cabinet mess.
6. More of I suck. I haven't kept this resolution at all.

Next years resolutions coming up soon.

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Well I am actually interested in hearing about #1. I don;t want to hurt my friends with one of the things I do

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